Saturday, August 10, 2019

Epstein Dead

Everyone is reporting that Jeffery Epstein, the accused pedophile, was found dead in his jail cell this morning of an apparent suicide.  Evidently, he hanged himself. He had been on suicide watch.

Epstein is famously a friend of Bill Clinton, and he and Bill reportedly palled around.  Bill was reportedly a frequent flier on Epstein's private jet.

I don't know how the NYPD dos a suicide watch, but when I was working the jail, an offender on suicide watch had to be personally viewed by a jailer every 15 minutes.  I've done a lot of suicide watches, and it put a lot of stress on the jailers.  But, I never lost one on my watch.  Most folks think of hanging as the way it is portrayed as a punishment, where the whole bdy dangles from a rope.  That's not the way inmates do it.  All that is necessary is something around the neck, tight enough to restrict the blood flow.  When the body loses consciousness, the body slumps, increasing the pressure on the neck.  I've seen cases where a person hung themselves from a sitting position.  However, this method takes longer, which is why the 15-minute suicide watch is effective.


Gaffer said...

The first question that came to mind was "who will benefit from this death". After that thought the list became quite long.

Old NFO said...

Gaffer is right. And that IS a long and 'distinguished' list of Dems... Just sayin...