Monday, August 12, 2019

Opening a Bank Account

Grandson wants to open a bank account, ad I think that is a fine idea.  I opened mine when I was a mere youth, a student account at the local bank.  I simply walked into the bank and opened a pass book account.  Remember those?  I didn't even have a driver's license.  They took my word and my money.

So, we went to the bank today, and Oh, Hell No.  He can't open a account unless he has a parent or guardian (and legally, I am neither), plus a valid picture ID and a Social Security card.  He's bummed out ad so am I.

We'll get this done in a few days, but in the interim, it sure is hard to open a bak account these days.


Anonymous said...

Well, that in one institution that does not need any more funding. At least they could have been more sympathetic. Having a checking account teaches fiscal responsibility and gives concrete evidence of what happens if. when you spend frivolously.

Old NFO said...

Wow! I take it that is NOT a local bank, but a chain bank... sigh

Termite said...

It's not the bank's fault. They are just following federal banking regulations.

Thank the IRS.

Anonymous said...

Try a credit union.

John of the GMA

Steve said...

He might be a drug lord, or a terrorist. Can't be too careful.