Tuesday, August 13, 2019

New Optics

I bought an AR last week, and we talked about that.  It came with no sights, and a crappy little BSA red dot on it.  Okay, fine.

I was casting around for a nice red dot sight, and was searching around YouTube ad stumbled upon something called the SPRC-AR from Vortex.  I had a couple of tabs open looking for he best price and MidwayUSA had one of those ADD TO CART FOR PRICE things.  I clicked on it, and immediately proceeded to checkout.  The price was very favorable.  Very favorable indeed.  Lit $131.00 in the door, with the NRA roundup.

It came in today and I am favorably impressed.  Easy to mount, it was almost effortless.  It used an AAA battery in the riser.  It's not a Trijicon, or a a NightForce, but it is a nice little $200 red dot, and Vortex has a forever guarantee.  I'll take it out in the ext week or so and establish a battlesight zero.

Everyone needs an AR around the house.  If nothing else, it pisses off the leftists.


Rat Bastard said...

Try Opticsplanet.com

Good prices

Pawpaw said...

Opticss Planet, Rat? That was one of the tabs I had open. They're good and one of my first checks, but this time Midway beat them.