Thursday, July 06, 2017

Thursday Random

The grandkids are still in bed at 7:30.  They're probably as tired as I am.  I'm going to let them sleep.

Bradley says in comments on the Pet Loads post:
no 41mag or 38super love. I just dont know any more man..
No experience with either caliber.  There are a many more calibers I don't know, than the ones I do.  And, there are calibers I know than the ones I talked about.  Like the .45-70 on one end, and the .223 Rem on the other.  Great calibers, both, but I didn't talk about them i that post.

Surfing the Book of Face, I see those annoying posts about sharing Jesus on my wall.  I keep Jesus in my heart, not on my Facebook wall.   Same with my respect for veterans.

I use Facebook to keep up with friends and family, but mostly to keep up with the goings-on in the gunfighter community.  Every club has a Facebook page.  And, there are a few community pages out there where we trade information.

Ran into an aggravation yesterday with an order I placed for primers.  This is a good outfit that I've used a lot (and I won't name), but it seems that somehow between my computer and theirs, the shipping info always gets screwed up.  Every order, I have to call and talk to them about the correct shipping address.  It's an aggravation, and they carry the brand I like for fast draw shooting, and their prices are very competitive, so I put up with the aggravation.

Speaking of fast draw shooting, it amazes me the amount of shooting I get to do with that bunch.   In researching my back orders with that company, Belle and I have gone through 15K primers in the past year.   That's a lot of primers.  The current order is for 10K, which we'll sell at the club.  I'll recoup my investment and give the *tiny) profit t the club.

People have asked if shooting wax bullets down a bore "waxes it up".  Yeah, but so does shooting lead bullets "leads the bore" and shooting jacketed "coppers" the bore.  It's actually no different than any other shooting sport.  A dirty gun is a dirty gun.  The solvent is different, but the process is the same.  I use bug-and-tar remover that I buy at the auto parts store.  Squirt it down the bore, wait a minute, then brush as usual.

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Old NFO said...

Bug and Tar remover? Who'da thunk it... :-)