Tuesday, July 11, 2017

More Pics from Saturday

One of the shooters, Cookie, handed me some pictures from Saturday, during church last night.

Major D, opening remarks
Major D is, of course, your host here. PawPaw hisself.  In the CFDA, I'm known worldwide as Major D.

Hey, Mudcat
That's Mudcat, one of the shooters from the Big Thicket Bushwackers.  I don't know Mudcat's given name.  We use a lot of aliases in this organization.

L-R: Red Rock, Whiplash, and Delta Whiskey
Again, all aliases.

A view of the line.
We were running four lanes Saturday, but only had enough backdrop fro two lanes.  We conferred about it, and determined it was safe.  Wax bullets only travel about 30 yards and no one was downrange.  If you've never shot at a range without a backdrop, it's a challenge, because you can't judge misses.  You either hit the target or you don't.

Cousins, believe it or not.
These two are cousins.  The tall guy on the left is my first cousin, Gentleman George, one of the Regulators in the CFDA.  The short fellow is my grandson.   That makes them...3rd cousins?  Anyway, grandson said that he wanted to shoot, so George took him off to the side for a safety instruction and some dry-fire practice.

Expert instruction
Eyes and ears in place, dry-fire instruction complete, it is time to step up to the line and see if you can hit the target.  And, that's the way we do it in the CFDA.

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