Friday, July 28, 2017

Patricia Ann Scott

I'm burying a friend today.  Patricia Ann Roshto Scott has been my friend since I met my lady.  She and Belle had been friends for many years before I came into the picture, and Ms. Pat, with her husband Jerome were staunch friends.

She and her husband, along with Belle, went to Europe for the millennium, a whirlwind tour of Europe that took them across the continent.  She and Belle liked to josh each other about "the last time we were in Paris."

Ms. Pat was a true Southern lady.  She loved her family, stood by her friends, was active in small town events and supported her community.  I can't say enough about her, except that she was a lady, a true lady in every sense of the word.

She died young, at age 58.  Basically, she had a heart attack.  Passed quickly, so quickly that those of us who loved her are still in shock.    She was moving around, laughing one day and gone the next.  We bury her this morning, and I'm about to put on a coat and tie and start toward the funeral home.

Rest in Peace, Ms. Pat.


OC said...

I'm sorry for your loss.
May God's comfort carry you and Pat's family through.
You were blessed for having known her.

Old NFO said...

Sorry for your loss. May she rest in peace.