Sunday, July 09, 2017

Those Kind Of People

After we finished shooting at the Peacemakers yesterday, we drove to Thorn Valley to shoot with them.  Belle and I started out with Thorn Valley, and that clubhouse still feels like home..  Of course, the Bushwackers from Silsbee, TX, who had come to help us with the Peacemakers, also came to Thorn Valley.  It was on the way home, and they weren't out of ammo yet.

At one point on the line, we had Belle on lane 1 and Parttime on lane 2.  Parttime is a shooter out of Vidor, TX.  Very fast, he shoots in the low 3s, and was hitting very consistently yesterday.   If you want to get faster, get on the line with the fast shooters.  So, there they were, Parttime shooting 3s, and Belle struggling along at her usual 9 flat.  Big Mark was running the timers and at one point, called out "I've got an 8-flat on lane 1, and a .335 on lane 2."

I mentioned that the 8 flat was a personal best for Belle and the whole bunch erupted in applause.

Belle, ever the lady, responded "Parttime was pushing me."

That's the kind of people the CFDA attracts.  Folks who are competitive, who love the game, but are excited to celebrate a personal best, to take a minute and applaud someone else's success, even if it is at a little practice session.

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Old NFO said...

A personal best is a personal best! And getting pushed DOES tend to make one try a 'bit' harder! Just sayin...