Saturday, July 29, 2017

Screeching Harpy Exoneration

Kathy Griffin (hack, spit) says that she has been exonerated in the investigation of her photo where she held the replica of a severed Donald Trump head.
Comedian Kathy Griffin says she has been "completely exonerated" in the federal investigation into a late May photoshoot in which she's holding a fake bloodied head depicting President Trump.
Well, good for her.  I never understood why there was a federal investigation in the first place.  She is obviously no threat to the president . It appears that no federal laws were broken.  Good for her.

But the fact remains that her photo shoot was tasteless, crude,  and looking only for the shock value.  Griffin herself is a screeching harpy of the progressive mold.  She's neither funny nor relevant and I don't know why anyone wants to listen to what she presumes to say about today's American culture.

What Griffin (and most progressives) fail to realize is that there is a difference between violating the law, and simply being wrong.  What she did was utterly despicable, and she deserves the approbation of every thinking adult.  With any luck, her career is in tatters and she'll be relegated to working the drive-through at a local fast-food eatery.  At least there, she'll be providing a necessary service to the American public.


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