Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Insulation and Air Conditioning

My daddy always told me that he never wasted any money on insulation.

Back in June, I was having problems with my central air unit keeping the house cool, so I consulted an A/C firm that I really have grown to like, The HVAC Group, at 318-229-7542.  One the first trip, they added some Freon, then checked the unit.   On the second trip a month later, they checked the unit again, spent about an hour here, and pronounced everything fine from their level of expertise.  The house still wan't cool, and they recommended that I add insulation.

And this is what I like about The HVAC Group.  I was willing to pay whatever toll was necessary to get my house cool, but they recommended something else.  Insulation.  If the A/C unit is not keeping up with the heat, and the A/C unit is operating to full specs, maybe I need insulation.  Well, okay then.

So, I started casting about for an insulation installer, and a friend recommended Guerringer Builders, who the friend said had done a great job for him.  I called Mr. Guerringer (318-447-3616) yesterday, and he quoted me a price over the phone and said he'd be out this morning to do the job.

Here's a before-pic of the insulation in the attic.

It's about what you'd expect to see in a house that is 17 years old.  The insulation is starting to pack down, and some areas are almost bare.  But, Mr. Guerringer showed up on time this morning, and in just a few minutes, he and his helper were ready to get to work.

They blew in eight (8) inches of good fiberglass insulation, just as recommended.

Funny thing, as he sprayed the insulation, I could already feel the house cooling off.  It's holding the cool, which is obviously wasn't doing before.  The house will be more comfortable now, the A/C unit won't work as hard keeping the place cool, and I'll probably save money on my electrical bill, both winter and summer.

I've never wasted any money on insulation.  If anyone in the Alexandria/Pineville area needs an A/C guy, or an insulation guy, use the numbers earlier in the post.  Both of them have the PawPaw Seal of Approval.

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pigpen51 said...

I live in a so called mobile home, in MI. It has the absolute best insulation of any place I have ever lived, and my heating and cooling bills reflect it. Just last fall, I had the under skirting also insulated, and it showed an even greater savings. So yes, it is like the old Fram oil filter commercial, you can pay me now, or you can pay me later.