Friday, July 07, 2017

Drugs Are Bad, Okay?

A street scene from Long Beach, CA.

I think the cop did good.  Nobody hurt,   I don't know that I'd have let it go on that long, but he did okay.  Now, to write the report.

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Aesop said...

Nice work.

And then 20 minutes later I get her (or one of her peers) in the E.R on a 5150 hold for Danger To Self, only for me no baton, no OC, no taser, and no handcuffs.

About 1-5X/shift (depending on the hospital), for the last 20 years.

This is why it's way past time to bring back mandatory mental health incarceration; go off your meds and end up on a psych hold 5X, get an automatic 5 years in the nuthouse before any chance of release. Do it again after that, 20 years in the nut house. Any more after that, permanent psych ward.

Feed, them, medicate them, let them paint butterflies, pet bunny rabbits, and weave baskets, but if you can't keep your $#!^ together out in the world, your out-in-the-world privileges get revoked.

Too much police/fire/EMS/court/hospital resources wasted on the whackjobs already. You'd also clear out 95% of your homeless population nationwide in about 6 months.

I'd also like a pony, and world peace.