Thursday, May 04, 2017

Two Rugers

Ruger Blackhawks are rugged as hell.  I saw this picture on the Book of Face on a Ruger forum and wonder what the hell the guy did to these two revolvers.

I ca't imagine what it might take to blow the top strap off a Blackhawk, but here ya go.

The guy really needs to review the basics of his handloading procedure.  He got something horribly wrong.


Anonymous said...

Mebbe a double powder load ?

Elmer Keith is doing a face palm strike about right now.

Old 1811 said...

If it were me, after the first one, I would have stopped. You kinda have to admire this idiot's persistence.
If there's an upside, it's that there isn't any blood on the guns.

Jonathan H said...

I agree with Old 1811 - at leas there are no signs of injury.
Looking at what I can see of the fracture in the lower/ left gun, it cracked all at one all the way across; there are no obvious signs of stretching or cracks over time, so he probably put only a single massive overload in it and didn't run somewhat hot over time.
Of course, I'd really need a better picture or to see the weapon in person to be sure.

Jonathan H said...

On further examination, one is a 45 and the other a 41, so they didn't fail due to the same batch of overloaded ammo. No lead visible means it was unlikely to have been an overload due to a bullet stuck in the case or chamber; since this is a revolver, if it stuck in the barrel the pressure would more than likely vent out the gap or damage only the front of the cylinder..

Anonymous said...

Some people seem to be proud of destroying guns, I don't get it.

Mark D

Sam Helm said...

At least they were ONLY "New Model" Blackhawks. . .

Retired Spook said...

I've got a New Model Blackhawk in .41 Mag., and I've run thousands of heavy handloads through it. Never had a problem, and it's still as tight now as it was when I traded for it 30+ years ago.

Same for the .45 Colt Vaqueros. John Linebaugh blew up a bunch of .45 Colt Blackhawks and Vaqueros, and needed more than 40K psi peak chamber pressure to do it. His handloads are in the 25K-30K range, and I've run a bunch of them through my .45 Colts, with no problems.

Either somebody screwed up, or somebody didn't do their research. It's kinda sad, since you generally need to use a sledgehammer to break a Blackhawk.