Saturday, May 20, 2017

The F-4 Phantom

Reader John shares his photo of an F-4 Phantom.

Those flew out of our local AFB during the '60's and I've always thought that the Phantom was one of the coolest, mot evil looking aircraft of the era.

Thanks for sharing, John.


Joe Mama said...

They are very cool looking.

Here ( is a picture of what the bottom of one loaded for air-to-air looks like.

The Old Sarge said...

Back in the day, we used to say that with enough F-4s, B-52, and C-130s, we could take over the world. :-)

Murphy's Law said...

One of the true air classics. And one of the few used by Air Force, Navy and Marines. Proof that if you give it big enough engines, even a brick can fly.