Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Grandkids and Chicken Nuggets

I'm watching grandkids today, and when I asked them what they wanted for lunch, they told me "Chicken nuggets!"

PawPaw generally keeps a supply of chicken nuggets close by, but I needed french fries, so I went up to the dollar store for fries.

I'm back now, and the oil is heating.  Chicken nuggets and fries ought to keep them satisfied until Dad can pick them up later.

I did manage to get my on-line training done for the Sheriff this morning.  More and more, the classroom training is going to online work.  I'm not sure it that is good or bad, but it that seems to be the nature of things.  Rather than sit in a classroom for an hour, we can sit at a computer monitor for an hour.  It may be a good use of resources, but it sure lacks the human interaction that you get in a classroom setting.

But, that's done now, and chicken nuggets and fries seems to be the menu.  It's about time to call them in or lunch.

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Jonathan H said...

I've been through quite a bit of online training in the last decade; it ranges from good to truly awful and useless. None of it has been what I would consider excellent, but most of the subjects were ones I consider unnecessary but legally required, so to me it didn't really matter.
In the last 2 years I have been to some great in person training classes, and to me in person training with the possibility for give-and-take and the ability for an instructor to adjust the curriculum on the fly as needed for that set of students is invaluable.