Thursday, May 04, 2017

Thursday I Got Nuttin'

I got nothing.  The national news bores me.  I really don't care if O'Reilly got fired and I really don't care if Colbert had a meltdown on camera.   Whether or not the Republicans vote on a healthcare bill really doesn't interest me.  I'm unable to keep up with continuing outrage on the left, or the right.

Belle made it to Missouri yesterday.  She's with family, and safe.  She'll come home after the funeral.   The dawg and I are carrying bravely on, although he's confused with Belle gone and I don't sleep well unless she's beside me.  Funny, things like that didn't used to bother me.  I guess I'm becoming an old curmudgeon.  It's been awhile since I didn't have her to supervise me.  The dawg and I are eating well, though.

I believe it's going to be Salisbury steak, rice and gravy tonight. I may have to wash the dawg's face when it's over.  He doesn't do gravy real well, but he likes it a lot.  He has no thumbs, and I haven't been able to teach him to use a spoon. Come to think of it, I may have to mop the kitchen floor as well.

The dawg and I are batch'in it for a couple of days.

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