Wednesday, May 03, 2017

The Grudge Match

I was talking with Dash, a fine young shooter out of Texas.  Dash is currently both the Louisiana and Texas State champion for his division.  Dash was asking about the invitational match that Thorn Valley hosts every year in November.  I told him that we might set aside some time for grudge matches, where a shooter could call us someone he wanted to duel with.  He liked that idea.

"Best be careful," I told him.  "I might call you out for a grudge match.  How about that?"

Dash looked at me with steely eyes, from under the brim of his hat.  "I'll see you there."

The other fellows at the table guffawed.  Dash had slain me with a single line.  It's hard to get ahead of these young'uns, sometimes.

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