Saturday, May 20, 2017

Oklahoma State 0 Day 2

Sixty-Four shooters from nine states congregated  in the arena at the Creek County Fairgrounds, Kellyville, OK to decide the Oklahoma State Championship.  

Major D is out after seven rounds.  I couldn't find the target for the first three rounds, and it was looking pretty grim, but I managed to stay alive till the seventh round.

Belle is out after four rounds.  She really had trouble this morning,  I bought her a laser practice cartridge, and maybe she'll find it useful.  She's been jonesing for one for a couple of months, and there was a vendor there willing to take my money.

Akarate Zach was out after six rounds.  In the fifth round, he had the unfortunate experience of launching his ejector rod downrange.  The ejector rod on the Ruger Vaquero is notorious for getting loose and launching downrange.  Fortunately, we were able to find the spring and the screw, and it's all back together now.  I'l watch it close tomorrow, and when we get home, put a drop of Locktite on that screw.

I had a blog reader come by, and I got to chat with him a few minutes between matches.  I introduced min to Okie Ed and Fancy Nancy, and they gave him some printed information.  It was very cool to meet Shim, and I hope to see him again.

Tomorrow is the bracket matches. All the scores are loaded in the computer, and the computer takes you second-fastest time to assign a bracket.   It's a lot of fun, and it's a way to give the folks who are out of the main match to shoot  on Sunday morning.  So, tomorrow, we're alive again, and the bracket matches await.

Tonight is the banquet, and luckily, it's next door to the hotel.   Thant's extremely fortunate, as Major D is drinking red whiskey right now, and I'm told that it's illegal to drive drunk in Oklahoma.  I'll walk over to the restaurant.

See y'all on the line.

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