Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Trump Fires Comey

I heard about this and with all the hoop-la going around, maybe it's time to talk about it.

Donald Trump ain't the first president to fire an FBI Director.  Others have done it, most recently, Bill Clinton.    An FBI Director serves at the pleasure of the President.

Get over it.

Comey was a screw-up, a loose cannon who had no idea how to be a cop.  He may have been a pretty good lawyer, but he was a crappy cop, heading up the most prestigious cop-shop i the country.

President Obama should have fired Comey last Jully, after his ill-conceived television performance when Comey gave Hillary Clinton a pass.

Naval officers will tell you that there is only two things that you can do with a loose cannon.  Either tie it down, or push it overboard.  Comey woudln't be tied down, so he was pushed overboard.

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