Monday, May 15, 2017

Goblins Down

It looks like some Houston goblins picked the wrong victim when they decided to do a drive-by.  The goblins fired over 40 rounds, but the homeowner was able to retrieve his AR-15.  He killed two of them and sent the third to the hospital.

I'd say that the homeowners practice time on the range was time well spent.

Well done, sir, well done.


Theother Ryan said...

3/3 hit moving with 2 put down, very well done especially Since they were moving which makes it harder. Well done to this guy, I'd buy him a top shelf double if the opportunity arose.

Dave said...

The incident took place at 0240...and the homeowner was for some reason out in his front yard. With an AR-15.

Methinks there's more to this story than is being told.

Billll said...

Dave's right. Stuff like this doesn't just happen out of the clear blue air, and rival hamburger stand owners don't settle grudges with each other with drive-bys.