Friday, January 06, 2017

Wintry Mix

The big news across Central Louisiana, (and most of the south), is the winter storm that we're currently experiencing.  The forecast calls for a hard freeze with the possibility of wintry mix of sleet, freezing rain, and snow.  Oh, joy.  Below, the map from just a few minutes ago.

All that pink, I presume, is icy stuff.  We don't do that really well i Louisiana.  As of this minute, the water that has fallen on my car is still liquid, but that's liable to change as the day moves forward.

The Weather Channel, of course, is freaking-out.  The very idea of snow in places like Georgia and the Carolinas is news, and they're hammering it.  PawPaw will keep a weather-eye on it.  We ain't skeered, but we're interested.  Thankfully, not much is planned for today or tomorrow, so we'll stay hunkered down here at PawPaw's house.

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