Friday, January 06, 2017

The Great Louisiana Ice Storm

The first Louisiana ice storm of 2017 is continuing apace.  It has sleeted here all day long, lightly, all day long.

That's about the extent of it at this point.  I've been watching the local channels, and it appears that the temps are going to plunge into the 20s tonight and all the bridges are going to freeze over.  They're closing bridges as we speak.  Travel will be sketchy tonight.

But, tomorrow, the  sun is supposed to come out and temps will rise into the 40s.  Hopefully, by tomorrow afternoon, the Great Louisiana Ice Storm of 2017 will be just a memory.


Old NFO said...

19 here this morning, light dusting, now up to a whole 23 degrees... Brrr...

Anonymous said...

This isn't an ice storm. It's just a little sleet.