Monday, January 23, 2017

Thorn Valley

A late picture from this weekend.  When we have visitors at Thorn Valley, we try to make them as comfortable as possible.  We're a welcoming bunch, we want to spread the good vibes we get from using single action revolvers, and to make everyone feel at home.

Sure enough, we had visitors this weekend, and it wasn't long before Blue Eyed Belle had our visitor strapped up and on the line.

Blue Eyed Belle (l), and visitor Sandra.

I keep telling folks, that a CFDA club is a welcoming place.  If you happen to stumble into a club, find domeone in charge, and they'll fit you with someone who will treat you rught, answer your questions, and help you along.  A listing of our affiliated clubs is here.

We hope our visitors come back and bring other visitors.

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