Sunday, January 22, 2017

Sunday Already?

Saturday was a blur, and absolute blur of fun and frolic.  The highlight of the day was the gun club, a couple of hours of shoooty goodness.

Video is important, and in today's world it's easy to get video.  Virtually everyone carries a video camera in the form of a cell phone.  Some of them are very good, and even allow for slow-mo video, to let you analyze things.  Like my daughter's draw, below.

PawPaw hisself got video'd today,, but not in slow-mo. Late in the session I decided to run the long gun.  That 7.5" barrel requires a whole nuther draw stroke than the shorter 4.75" barrel.  It takes some learnin', and some practice.

Later, over supper and coctails, my son told me about a cop blog he's been following.  Raindogblue, so I looked it up this morning, over coffee.  This guy is a beat cop, and while I'm reading his stuff it feels like I'm in the cruiser with him.  Go read his stuff.  I've added him to the blogroll.

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