Thursday, January 26, 2017


We're still on for Louisiana State Championship 2017, and planning continues apace.  The list of stuff keeps getting longer.  It's doable, but we're less than 90 days away.  Miltary staff work is all planning, and I was a staff officer for about ten years.  That was good training for this, and I'm giving myself what we used to call In Progress Reviews.

Belle and I are going to Natchitoches on Saturday to meet with an asset, a shaker in the local business community there.  Lots of folks don't understand what Cowboy Fast Draw is about, but my good friend Mary Eileen has put up some grand videos about our game, and if a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a few more.

So, I'm going to leave this right here where I can find it later on the tablet.

It's a great little video that highlights the color of the game, and the safety.  If you notice at about the 10 second mark, you see a car drive by on a road over the range.  Of course, our ammo won't go that far.

The two shooters, by the way, in that opening clip are Slowpoke on lane 1 and Plain Jane on lane 2.  Slowpoke is the ladies Top Gun points champ for this year, and Plain Jane is the US National Champion.  They are both friends of mine, both phenomenal ladies, wonderful people, and very, very good with a six-gun.

God, I love this game.


Pappy said...

D, I've been watching your CFDA videos and I was just wondering. How fast can a good competitor draw and score from a standing straight up position rather than leaning backwards as many seem to do?

Old NFO said...

That's a nice little video! That should work well.

Pawpaw said...

Pappy. About half a second. There are a number of competitors that we call five-flat shooters who never get under half/second. Yet, many of them wind up in the winner's circle.

Each shooter's stance is individual, particular to themselves. I can often identify shooters simply by the stance after the SET.