Friday, January 06, 2017

Red Beans

The weather being what it is, wet and cold, Belle decided to try out the pressure cooker on red beans.  So, she took out a bag of dry red beans, washed them and put them in the pot with a some water.  I cut up some good sausage and added to the mix.

Thirty minutes later:

Just about the time that the timer beeped, I put on a pot of rice and she slid a cornbread into the oven.  By the time the pressure had bled off, we had red beans and sausage with rice and cornbread.  Figure 45 minutes from start to finish.

Heretofore, the quickest I've ever cooked dry red beans was about four hours.  Red beans are best done slowly, and I still like the slow cooker method, but I have to admit that this newfangled digital, electric pressure cooker sure shortens the cooking time.  And, it does it without the bother of a stovetop pressure cooker.  Plug it in, set it and forget it.

We're going to give it a good run for its money on Sunday.  I went this morning to the butcher shop and got eight pounds of good stew meat.  On Sunday, it's going to be beef tips and rice.  That is always a crowd-pleaser around here.


Miguel GFZ said...

Tip from old pressure cooker bean eater: Leave beans soaking overnight. Do not dump the water but use it to cook the beans. They will come out soft as cream after 30 mins of cooking.

Old NFO said...

Nice! :-)