Friday, December 09, 2016

Make America Great Again

Surfing around the news, we come to professor Reynold's piece up at USA Today.  It seems that hipsters are scared of a Trump presidency and might be moving out of DC, looking for greener, (or bluer) pastures.  That's not a bad thing, actually.  Hipsters should be scared.That should be their natural state.

But, the professor takes it a bit further, saying that the federal bureaucracy should take a hike as well, to more places where they can actually improve the local habitat.
So perhaps it’s time for a role-reversal. I propose that over the next several years, we transfer a lot of federal employees out of the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, to parts of the country that aren’t doing so well economically. This would provide a boost to places like Buffalo, New York, or Quincy, Illinois, or Fresno, California, while getting federal bureaucrats out of the D.C. bubble.
That's good, as far as it goes, but I'd propose a much further reaching reform.  Transfer them to where they could do the least damage, while helping local economies with feeral largesse.  And, they don't really have to do anything.  For example, we could move the headquarters of the Federal Bureau of Prisons to sleepy little Pollock, LA.  That would spur home construction, increase the tax base,  give local businesses an economic boost, and remind federal workers just exactly who they work for.

I think it's a great idea.  Soldiers and sailors have long been blessed by being posted at lovely little vacation spots all over the US.  What Air Force guy fails to remember Minot, or what Army dude doesn't wax eloquent about Leesville LA, or Dothan, AL, or yet Lebanon, MO.  No one can doubt the economic benefit that those towns receive from federal dollars, yet the local areas don't seem to have been harmed by the federal activity.

President-elect Trump should immediately order all federal agencies to pick a town in the US with a population under 50,000 and make immediate plans to move, lock, stock, and barrel.  I think it's a great idea, and would serve to de-centralize government i a way that we haven't seen in decades.


Joe Mama said...

The internet is everywhere.

That is a GREAT idea. Wages could be slaved to median cost-of-living for area. For example, the cost-of-living for Potomac, Md is 194% of the national average while the cost-of-living for Lawton, Ok is 84% of the national average. The bureaucrat could take a 56% pay cut and his/her ability to afford "the good life" would remain unchanged.

Cost-of-living data from here:

Javahead said...

Add "at least two hours from a population center with more than 100,000 people" and "local cost-of-living must be less than or below the US median cost-of-living".

Though do be aware that it might change to local voting patterns wherever they end up. Maybe send them all one of the rust belt cities in a Blue state?

Goatwhiskers said...

I think basically it's a great idea. Only thing that concerns me is the possibility of more of what's happening on the west coast where so many californicans are moving to Oregon and Washington and liberalizing the government. GW

BobF said...

Minot? Did you say "Minot?"

I remember the Chamber of Commerce handed out BIG pin-it-on-your-clothing buttons that said "-40° Keeps the Riff-Raff out." I may still have one of the buttons someplace.

On the arch over the main gate it was "Only the Best Come North."

Love your idea, by the way!