Friday, December 30, 2016

Another New "Old" Revolver

It's pre-SHOT show and the new guns are going to start rolling out.  We talked yesterday about Rugers GP100 in .44 Special.  I see now that another manufacturer is getting more serious about sheelguns.

TTAG has the scoop.

Colt has resurrected the Cobra.  The old Cobra was a 6-shot revolver, built on a smaller frame than the Python.  Colt discontinued it in 1981. It's main competition was the Smith J-frames that were 5-shot revolvers.  The snubby Colts were built on what Colt called the "D" frame.  I admit that I'm not very conversant on modern Colt revolvers.  When I was packing a revolver every day on duty, the Smith Model 66 dominated the lineup.  I know of exactly one State Trooper who carried a Colt Python, and two Parole Officers who carried Detective Specials.  The rest of us carried Smith and Wesson.

Still, it's good to see that Colt is bringing out the old revolver.  Their marketing guys must have seen a demand, or it wouldn't be on the market.  Good for Colt, although I am probably not in that market.  I've got my snubnose revolvers.

Now, if Colt really wants to get back into the niche revolver business, they should revive their Model P and make it a standard production gun, rather than a Custom-Shop-only revolver.  Get the price down to about $600 USD and compete with the Ruger New Vaqueor.  The SASS and CFDA crowd would buy a bunch of them.

I'm just sayin'.


Anonymous said...

Either Colt has been around longer than I thought or your spell-check
quit working. 1091? Really?

Pawpaw said...

Thanks, anonymous. It's 1981 and I fixed it. Blame it on me going blind, and 1091 being something spell-check wouldn't catch.

Theother Ryan said...

I presume the model P is whatever the current version of the much beloved SAA that Colt is on? I think they would do very well even if the price was more in the 750-950 range. I suspect a lot of guys would find the extra bills to own a genuine Colt.