Monday, December 12, 2016

OC Spray

I see Tam is carrying OC Spray.  Good for her.  It's a great middle ground.  I've been carrying OC for nearly 30 years and I'm a believer, although some small percentage of the population isn't affected by it, the vast majority of the population is affected.  I've run into just exactly three guys who were not affected, and one of those was on my side. That night, I was very happy he was on my side.

OC has other uses too, depending on how creative you get, but it's an excellent room-clearing device.  A dime-sized spray in the corners opposite the doors, and  in three or four minutes, the room will be clear.  Probably no one will even know what you did.  Just that mild, burning sensation in the eyes and they'll start looking for fresh air.

Personally, I prefer being tased to being OC sprayed.  Tasing is over immidately, while OC tends to linger.   And, every rookie cop has had the experience of getting OC'd in training, then going home later that evening for a shower.  The warm water runs down around your nether regions, and suddenly the little bits start tingling from the wash-off of the OC.  It's so much fun.


Joe Mama said...

My youngest boy is a do-it-myself kind of kid. One day, he was consumed with the question....what COLOR is pepper spray.

Much coughing and slamming of windows being opened. A few hours outside.

After it was all over, I also wanted to know the color of pepper spray but decided to simply ask him.

"Dad, it is red. It makes EVERYTHING look red."

Old NFO said...

OC works... And sprayed up wind of a bunch of troublemakers, it will clear them out rather quickly...