Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Is the .30-30 Winchester Outdated?

When I read that title, my first thoughts were "Not Hardly".  The .30-30 Winchester continues to sell lots of ammo over the years.  It's a handloader's dream, and it's a cartridge that screams for cast bullets.  That long, lovely case neck, moderate velocities, good bullets, moderate recoil, and the handiness of a short lever action carbine all conspire to make the .30-30 Winchester one of the best cartridges ever made.

As it turns out, the author of the article agrees with me.
Why do people keep going back to the 30-30? Because it is a time-tested and proven cartridge. Hardly any other hunting cartridge has remained as popular for as long as the lever action in 30-30.
Regardless of what the engineering department of a gun company can dream up, regardless of what new cartridges hit the market, the 30-30 Winchester remains effective on whitetail deer-sized game.
Simply put, the 30-30 Winchester remains popular because it works.
I currently own four rifles in that caliber.  Three lever-actions and a single shot.    It's a handy caliber, ammo is found everywhere, and it takes deer-sized game with authority, out to about 150 yards.


Anonymous said...

Completely agree. Although the press presses for rifles and scopes for long ranges, most deer are killed less than 200 yards away - a lot inside 100 yards. The 30-30 will easily kill deer within these ranges. In a handy carrying carbine, a good woods companion.

I still kick myself for not purchasing a '94 Trapper in 30-30 when they were so common. I figured Winchester would be around forever - whats the hurry ? Now they are not for sale or priced in stratosphere. I was smart enough to buy one in .357 Magnum though. Extremely packable gun those Trappers !

My brother claimed Dad's old Winchester '94, it a 30-30. I have a Marlin 336 and a 16" Super 16 30-30 barrel for a Contender carbine so I'm set for this very practical round. Note the factory prices for 30-30 are extremely reasonable, easy to set back a few boxes in case that changes.

Thanks for the post - good topic !

El Capitan said...

Saw a video on YouTube yesterday where Magnum Research has made one of their BFR revolvers chambered for .30-30 Winchester. You'd think it would be a monster, but the reviewers said it didn't recoil any harder than a .38 SPL.

Wish I had an extra $1200 sitting around. That would make a dandy brush gun for E. Texas hogs!

Theother Ryan said...

Maybe I am mincing words but to me outdated and irrelevant/ not useful are different. The lever action 30-30 is definitely still relevant when used within reasonable scenarios. Most of the south and east have thick brush so most shots are close. A light, rugged, handy gun good for a hundred, maybe hundred and fifty ish yards suitable for medium sized game fills a need for a whole lot of people.