Sunday, December 04, 2016


It's chilly out this morning.  Not terribly cold, but it is the wet, dreary cold that sinks into your bones.  It's wet, in the mid-40s, not truly cold, but for Louisiana it would be a perfect day for duck hunting.  The view down my suburban driveway shows grey skies and wet pavement.

But, the house is warm and the roof is good, so we're not terribly concerned.  This is merely uncomfortable, not a survival event.  Still, there are things to do on a day like this, and warm food will be necessary.  So, Milady got up early this morning and made a big pot of chili.  Good, red chili for a chilly day.

That's an eight-quart dutch oven, practically full of red goodness.  When the kids come over for lunch, we'll break out the crackers, and corn chips, and sour cream and shredded cheese, and let them build their bowl.

Yes, for the purists that turn their noses up at such things, this chili has beans in it.  Here in Louisiana, we eat our chili with beans.  And we stir it with a roux paddle.


maggiek said...

Your weather looks like our weather. And your chili looks so good I can almost smell it. But, what about the cornbread? Chili has got to have some cornbread to go with it. Or is that a North Carolina thing?

Old NFO said...

Yep, you're getting what we had yesterday...

Miguel GFZ said...

Chili.... with beans. Oh yessss.
But apparently not allowed in Texas.