Monday, December 19, 2016

Russian Ambassador Assassinated in Turkey

It seems that the Russian ambassador to Turkey was assassinated earlier today.  Everybody is covering it, but here's a link if you can't find one.

Assassinating ambassadors is bad juju.  Most countries don't take kindly to their diplomats being murdered.  I'm sure that president Putin is meeting with his staff right now, figuring out a way to .... well... do whatever it is that Russia does.

Turkey may have just stepped on their collective tallywackers.  Wars have been started over less than this, and even though Turkey is a NATO member, it should remember that Obama is still president and Kerry is SecState.  Don't expect any help from the US.

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Billll said...

In that part of the world, you can't tell the players without a program, and even then the programs need rewriting on a daily basis. The shooter seemed to be annoyed at the Russian presence on Aleppo. Besides the Russians, there are several other factions, none of whom are particularly enamored of any of the others except as a matter of convenience.

Erdogan will apologize to Putin, arrest several hundred more Turks and execute them, and Putin will go on being Putin.