Sunday, December 25, 2016


One thing that we use during sanctioned events in CFDA is stickers.  Little stickers are used during equipment checks to show that a revolver has been checked.    That sticker on the gun butt is immediately visible to the line judges and the range master, and if that sticker isn't there, the line shuts down until the gun can be checked, or a backup gun is brought to the line.

Here, for example, is a sticker that I had made for our Invitational shoot in November.  It's nice enough, and distinctive, easily seen on the butt of the gun.

It's all covered in the rules.  But, that makes clubs buy stickers.So, like all poor clubs, I started searching around for a source of distinctive stickers.  Surfing around, I found an outfit called  I started fooling about on their website and before I knew what had happened, I had designed a sticker with our club logo.  Very distinctive, and the price was very reasonable.

Click on that link in the paragraph above, and look around.  They make lots of stickers in varying sizes and shapes.  I made mine round, with our club logo in it.  These are 3/4 inch, and come 88 to the sheet.

They look like they'd be just perfect for sticking on a gun butt during equipment checks.  Here's a closeup below.

The price was right, too.  I paid $36.15 for 352 stickers, so they're coming in the door at about 10 cents apiece.   That's a whole lot less expensive than the last stickers I bought.  I ordered them on December 16, and they came in the mail on December 24th.  Eight days from order to delivery, during Christmas, that isn't bad at all. has the PawPaw seal of approval.

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Old NFO said...

Very nice! Creative too! Merry Christmas!