Sunday, June 29, 2014


We got as far as Tunica, MS yesterday and checked into a nice Quality Inn near the casino strip.  Awoke this morning to thunderstorms, and the Weather Channel on the TV tells me that Memphis is having a really interesting Sunday.

We had planned to go into Memphis today and poke around, maybe eat some barbecue, but it looks as if the weather has conspired against us.  Flash-flooding, stalled cars, heavy thunderstorms, and a threat of a tornado.  Can I pick a vacation spot, or what?

Some thoughts on the Tunica Casinos.  They're built in a corn field.  Seriously, the folks who decided to build these casinos on the Mississippi river in northern Mississippi used agricultural land to build their casinos.  In this motel on a road that's called Casino Strip Resort, we/re surrounded by soybeans, corn, and cotton.

When we left yesterday morning, we crossed the river at Vicksburg and headed north on US 61,  I've driven in Mississippi lots of times but I didn't realize that the Mississippi Delta had so much farm land.  Nearly 200 miles of crop fields along both sides of the highway, about half of that a two lane road.  It was an interesting drive if you like looking at crop land (and I do, I'm basically a country boy at heart).  One thing that surprised me is the amount of rice growing this far north.  Lots of rice being grown in the Delta.

More later.  I'm going to watch the weather and try to plot a course that will keep us entertained today.

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Old NFO said...

Interesting that rice is that far north. That used to all be cotton back in the day. Enjoy the time off! :-)