Monday, June 02, 2014


This past weekend, I noticed that my car had developed a shimmy, a shake that I couldn't identify.  I ran my errands in the pickup truck this weekend, then decided this morning to take the car to the tire shop and check it to see if I had flung a tire weight.  I got in the car and headed to Ball Tire, a shop I've dealt with in the past.  Got about a mile from the house and the shake developed into a bad shake, then the passenger side rear tire turned loose.

That explains the shake, shimmy and wiggle I was feeling.  So, I put on the spare and continued gingerly to Ball Tire where the nice folks there hooked me up with a couple of tires.

I'm glad that happened on the way to the tire store.  If I were in a bind for time today, I"d have been completely aggravated.


Ed Jones said...

Re-cap or more than six years old? Some brands last well others?

Pawpaw said...

Dunno, Ed, I bought this car last year.

Rivrdog said...

Used to be, there were a few recapping companies which could re-cap a Michelin radial and it would last, but in the patrol-fleet management biz (which I ran for a while in my SO), we generally wouldn't even run recaps on the fleet castoffs we used for Court Cars.