Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Retrainer - Day 3

About six months ago, the sheriff sent out an email and had us respond to it.  He was trading in the SW M&P for Glocks, and asked us what we wanted.  The choices were the G17 or G19 in 9mmP, or the G22 or G23 in .40SW.  I honestly don't remember what I voted for, thinking that he'd go with what the bulk of his officers wanted.

I've never been a Glock guy, being more a disciple of JM Browning (pbuh).  But,if the Sheriff is going to issue new pistols, who am I to say differently, so I marked the page and sent it in.  I later learned that it wasn't a popularity contest, he was actually asking what we wanted.  So, this morning when my name was called, I was issued a brand-spanking new Gen4 Glock 22 in .40 SW.  That must have been what I voted for.  That's what I got.  Along with a brand-spanking new Safariland holster to carry it.

The chief firearms instructor, who was handling the swap, did a good job, with very little hassle.  Then we went out on the range and got 18 rounds to familiarize.  During the familiarization, I tried to concentrate ton the basics, and tried to learn the reset, which on the Glock is very tactile.   Then we posted the Louisiana P1 target and prepared to qualify.  Our qualification isn't bad; 60 rounds at ranges from 25 yards to 2 yards, with a possible max score of 120 and a minimum score of 96 to qualify.

I shot a 106, solidly in the middle of the pack, and I'm qualified on the new pistol.  It's not as good as I'd have liked, but it was my first time downrange with a Glock, so I don't feel too badly about it.  I did stop at the local  box store on the way home and pick up 100 rounds of practice ammo.  I've got to learn how to shoot this thing.

Tell me, is it true that you don't need to clean or lubricate a Glock until the 5000 round spring change?


The Displaced Louisiana Guy said...

True or not, I clean mine on the regular. Just 'cuz you can, don't mean you should.

Old NFO said...

TDLG is right... I have shot one that had over 10K rounds through it in testing with only the occasional bore swab. Mine get cleaned every time I go to the range.

David aka True Blue Sam said...

When I'm pressed for time, I lock the gun open, spray it with PB Blaster, blow it out with compressed air, shoot some of my favorite oil in it, blow out the excess, pull a snake through the barrel, and wipe it off. I do it right after a couple of the quick treatments because I fear hellfire and damnation.

Gerry N. said...

I always cleaned my shootin' irons the day they were fired unless something VERY important interfered. I've never had to carry, but I started carrying a few years ago. Now I clean my carry piece every second week unless it's been fired, in which case I clean it that eveniing. I've also never been in the service, but I was taught which end of a firearm the bullets came out of by my favorite (insane) uncle who was a DI in the Marine Corps and a beat patrolman in the Seattle Police Department. I have no one to compare my training to, but I'm pretty sure most Range Safety Officers would find me to be satisfactory.

Rivrdog said...

You don't HAVE to change your underwear every day, but you do...

After it goes bang, you clean it. That's my training, passed down from my Dad.

Dan said...

Lube and clean as needed it will need it less because the contact pints are tiny. You will find it a clean gun.

Blackeagle603 said...

Some guns are like Navy coffee cups -- just wipe the feed lip and keep running it. ;^)

Don't know about Glocks personally, no appeal whatsover to me. If issued I would train, maintain and carry though (don't look a gift horse in the mouth).

Theother Ryan said...

Hi, Guess I should introduce myself. I'm Ryan, your son and I got to talking a bit and he sent me links to your blogs.

I've been a Glock guy for a decade or so using them for recreation and concealed carry.

A quick google search for "glock torture test" or 'Glock 1,000rd test' will show you can get away with a lot of missed maintenance and the gun will still function.

My experience is Glock pistols will continue to function with almost boring regularity as long as you put ammo into them cleaning or no cleaning.

I certainly do not worry about putting a couple hundred rounds through a Glock, reloading it with ammo then going back to carrying it. When convenient say every other range trip if I am practicing somewhat regularly I'll clean it. That might be more out of habit than anything else.