Monday, June 09, 2014

Retrainer - Day 1

It's time for our annual re-trainer, and I gathered with about 30 of my brothers and sisters today to qualify on various aspects of the law enforcement craft.  President Reagan started this, back in 1984, when he stipulated that all law enforcement officers be trained to set standards.  It's an annual thing, and today it was our turn.

Today was unarmed self-defense, or DT, (Defensive Tactics) as we call it.  We focused on kicks, strikes, blocks, and handcuffing.  Practicing on each other.  I only suffered one cut on a finger from a handcuff ratchet, and almost knocked myself out when I hit a brother officer with a strike we call the front elbow srike.  I forgot that my fist was on the end of my hand, and struck myself in the jaw.  Rang my own bell, I did.

Tonight is going to be a one Alleve night.  I'm kind of sore and still have a headache from giving myself an upper cut.

Tomorrow, the baton.

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Old NFO said...

Ouch... And yes Advil or Aleve IS your friend.