Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Retrainer, Day 2

Today was the baton, a device that I've never had much use for.  On, I carry one every day, but I don't think I've ever used it to strike a person.  Of course, I've never shot anyone in the line of duty, but I also carry the pistol every day.  But, once again, I'm certified on the baton, so that's done.

Speaking of pistols, tomorrow we turn in our SW M&P pistols and get issued new Gen4 Glocks.  I''m not sure if I'll be issued a 9mm or a .40SW, but I'm getting a Glock.  And we'll qualify with them tomorrow.  I may be the only peace officer in the state of Louisiana who has never pulled the trigger on a Glock, so we'll see how that goes.  It's just another bullet launcher and the course isn't that hard, so I bet that I'll do fine on the qualification course.

We have an opportunity to buy our issued SW M&Ps, so I picked up a money order on the way home.


John Watts said...

I have an M&P in .40 S&W and an M&P Shield, also in .40. Love 'em both.

Old NFO said...

Nice! And a tip on the Glock, get comfortable with the reset, it's a bit strange at first. LONG initial trigger pull.

Sport Pilot said...

My agency carried side handled batons and the simpler expandable baton. I was instructor certified on both systems and actually used them in a few instances on the street. Overall I preferred the latter of the two and even saved a knife wielding suicidal female with a wrist strike.