Saturday, June 19, 2010

Shaved Ice?

It's called a snowcone, dumbass. Personally, I like the Blue Bubblegum. Grandson Zachary likes the Tiger Blood.

Calling it something else doesn't make it trendy.



Rivrdog said...

As a kid growing up in "hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk" Washington, DC, occasionally, my dad would buy an extra block of ice from the iceman (yes, we actually still had an icebox in the late 40's, in addition to an ancient coil-on-top fridge), and he would take out a hand tool that looked like a small hard-rake. Raking the side of the ice cake would produce fine chips, which my mom would then scoop up and drizzle a flavored syrup on (in a glass).

We could either eat that with a spoon or just wait as it melted and sip the icy, flavored water that dripped down. I did it the slow way: no brain-freeze and you stayed cooler longer (cool was a precious commodity in those days).

In a way, it's good to see the old treat come back, but to pretend it's something frou-frou from offshore is bee ess, we've been doing it here for over 60 years that I know of.

Melissa said...

Joey prefers the Lime snowcone- I love the wedding cake. Another example: the Chilean Sea Bass on the menu? Really a bottom feeder fish with a fancy name. I'm with you, PawPaw.