Monday, June 07, 2010


It wasn't quite 80 by eight, but it's going to be a scorcher. The official temp is now 83 degrees and climbing. We just might see 90 by nine on my back porch, where my all too uncalibrated thermometer hangs. Add humidity at 90% or better and going outside is like walking into a wet blanket.

Over the weekend, we went to our little local auction where we bought a used chest-freezer. About five cubic feet. I haven't owned a chest freezer in several years. The price was right and the auctioneer had it plugged in, showing that it worked. I bought it and brought it home.

Today, in the heat, would be a good time to get all the stuff out of the indoor fridge and sort through it, put a bunch of stuff in the new (to me) chest freezer.


J said...

There's a big advantage to chest freezers. As cold air is heavier than hot air, when you open the door/lid of a chest freezer all your cold air doesn't fall out.

I'm taking advantage of this semi-cool morning to clean and straighten my reloading room. Lo and behold, it looks like I have a 10 year's supply of bullets, both cast & jacketed. It seems I think I'm about out of something so I reorder. Dang if I didn't already have 4 or so boxes of 100 at the bottom of a stack. For example, at the rate of perhaps an average of 10 8 mm bullets shot per year, I'm good 'til the year 2090.

Rivrdog said...

That freezer is a good one. Buy a couple sheets 1" foam board and glue it to the lid and sides, but esp. the lid. They lose a lot of cold through the lid. Test my theory by putting any loaded cardboard box on top of the running freezer and leaving it overnight. It will be very cold on the bottom of that box next morning.

Rich Jordan said...

A good chest-type deep freeze is on my 'next home' wish list. No room here. I'd love to be able to buy bulk, repackage, and store freezer items and not worry about the automatic defrosters in the kitchen over-under shortening the life of everything in the box.