Thursday, June 03, 2010

More Job Promises

I guess when the adminstration promises us jobs, what they're talking about is federal jobs, as long as we don't run against an incumbent. First, it was the Sestak affair. Now, it's a Colorado primary.
WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama was unaware a top aide encouraged a Colorado Democrat to apply for an international development job instead of challenging the candidate whom the president favored in a Senate race, the White House said Thursday.

Press Secretary Robert Gibbs faced fresh questions about another backroom political deal — the first involving a Pennsylvania candidate, now a Colorado hopeful — that put the Obama administration on the defensive. The White House acknowledged that it had contacted former Colorado House Speaker Andrew Romanoff about possible jobs in hopes of persuading him to skip the Senate primary.
Of course, everyone agrees that our President knew nothing of the deal.
Asked whether Obama was knew about the outreach, Gibbs told reporters: "He's not aware of the individual circumstances."
As I recall, that's what Nixon said too.


Old NFO said...

Politics as usual... Chicago style!

Rich Jordan said...

Chicago on the Potomac... and you thought DC couldn't get any more corrupt.

Termite said...

You KNOW it's bad when you realize that Hilliary is likely the most competent and capable person in the entire Administration.