Friday, August 21, 2009

Sales Tax Holiday

Louisiana is having a 2nd Amendment Sales Tax holiday during the Labor Day weekend. All guns, ammo, hunting and shooting paraphernalia will be tax-free (state tax) that weekend.

I ordered a rifle yesterday and told the counter guy I'd pick it up on the Labor Day weekend. For the past couple of years I've wanted a .30-30 Handi Rifle. I've got two Winchester 94's and I love to shoot them. They both wear Williams peep sights. One rifle is sighted for a load that duplicates the Remington green box 170 grain load and the other is sighted for my 311041 load. The bead front sights on those rifles subtend 6" at 50 yards, which is fine for general shooting, but doesn't generate a whole lot of benchrest accuracy.

I'm going to put a scope on the Handi rifle and load pointed (spitzer) bullets. I've always been curious about how well a .30-30 could shoot and I intend to find out. I intend to load some 130 grain spitzers, some 150 grain spitzers and play with loads a little bit. I'm sure that I'll run some of my 311041 loads through it too.

When I'm through satisfying my curiosity, it'll become a grandkid rifle. We can decide if it gets a low power scope or a Williams peep sight.


Old NFO said...

That is a GREAT idea! I'd be ordering a case of ammo to pick up if I was there!

Anonymous said...

I have an older H&R Topper in .30-30. Unlike the new Handi's it had an ejector, so I disabled it because I disliked ducking the empty. Anyway, I tried a scope on it and found it to be very awkward to handle and use. It's a good shooter with 150 gr. Remington Power point spitzer handloads, patterning about 3" at 50 yds. Easy to hit with offhand, too as it handles like a (d'oh) shotgun. There's something endearing about cheap single shot rifles.

Gerry N.

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J said...

It'll have a 1 - 10" twist and microgroove rifling, i.e., it won't be cast friendly.

Matt G said...

I hope yours has a better trigger than mine. I couldn't break an inch with my .22 Hornet Handi-Rifle. Frankly, I have to struggle to make an inch and a quarter. :(

I've handled some EXTREMELY accurate HandiRifles, including .44 Mag with a very good trigger.