Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Long, hot summer

The Congress critters are out, beating the bushes to try to drum up support for Obamacares. They're getting an ear full.

Here's one video of Arlen Specter getting an ass-eating from a constituent.

It's a good ass-eating, too. Then Specter tries to say that he doesn't have to do these town hall meetings, that he doesn't get any extra pay, and the crowd rips him, reminding him who he works for.

This is the arrogance of entrenched Congressmen, either Representatives or Senators. I think that come the next election cycle, we ought to throw the bums out. Put them on the unemployment line. Then, in the next Congress, the first legislation taken up should repeal all pensions, payments, and emoluments for any living elected official.

Screw 'em and let 'em die hungry.

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