Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Milady and I have hummingbirds. Zoomies. They spend more time fighting than anything else and this afternoon we had five zooming about the back yard, fussing and fighting over the two feeders we've got in the backyard.

This little gal has been staking out the territory and defending it against all comers. Sorry about the picture quality, but she's a little nondescript bird with a simple line of white on her tail. My Momma calls that coloration a petticoat. It's a dreary grey day outside, with rain drizzling. We need the moisture, but it plays hell with the color on the camera.

We're having great fun watching the birds.

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Anonymous said...

Up Nawth heah in the Seattle area we have mostly Rufous and Ruby Throateds. The Rubies are half the size of the Rufous', prettier and much more aggressive. They even try to run me off when I fill the feeders.

It does make me laugh when I'm attacked by something weighing 1/2 an ounce. I'm glad they're not packing.

Gerry N.