Wednesday, April 08, 2009


We learn today that an American flagged cargo vessel was captured by pirates off the coast of Africa.
Somali pirates have now hijacked a U.S.-flagged ship with 20 American crew members on board - the first in “recent memory” according to military officials. The vessel is one of the DoD’s top shipping contractors. The vessel was taking humanitarian aid to Mombasa.
Then, later, we learn that the crew overcame the pirates and regained control of the ship.
BOSTON -- The captain of a U.S.-flagged cargo ship that was hijacked by pirates off the coast of Africa on Wednesday is still being held hostage, according to a crewmember. The rest of the 20-member American crew was able to overpower the pirates to regain control of the vessel, the Pentagon said.
Obviously, this is still breaking and other news agencies are covering it. Details have been sketchy, but it seems that a drama was acted out on the seas near Somalia.

I understand that the Captain of the vessel may be in pirate hands. Again, details are sketchy and updates are frequent. US Naval vessels are enroute to the area.

Pirates should be dealt with sternly. I wonder if Congress is still issuing Letters of Marque and Reprisal? If so, it might be entertaining to take a summer cruise in those waters for fun and profit.

Good work to the crew.

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