Tuesday, April 21, 2009

More TSA nonsense.

I was digging around today on the TSA website, and found an interesting article on Fox News. It talks about the TSA not screening small airlines. Seriously.
- The federal government is once again trying to increase security at airports -- this time targeting private airplanes and their passengers.

Just a few steps after getting out of their car, passengers are on their plane and within moments will be airborne. No hassle flying-if you can afford it.
I started thinking about that, and was about to get riled up about the TSA extending their reach, increasing the size of the bureaucracy, but then it hit me.

If you're rich enough to afford a charter, you don't have to go through the TSA hassle.
Business groups are fighting the plans saying they would be too costly -- all at a time they simply can't afford it. They also say the rules are unnecessary. Most of their jets -- they insist – aren't targets for terrorists.
What they're really saying is that their high-roller clientele doesn't want to be subjected to the same hassle that the great unwashed masses are exposed to on a daily basis.

I'm wondering when Nancy Pelosi flies, does she go through the TSA screening? How about Harry Reid? This isn't about Democrats or Republicans. This is about class. If you've got enough political clout or money, you don't have to go through the TSA nightmare.

We've got two classes of people in the air. Those of us who have to let some government minion rifle through our bags and that other class who has the limo pull around to the hangar and they step onto the airplane.

That's bullshit. The rules ought to apply to everyone.

How about this for an idea? If you're a private pilot flying your own aircraft, the TSA gives you a pass. If you fly charters or commercial aircraft, in short, if the pilot needs a commercial ticket, then everyone and everything on the flight gets screened every time.

I'm getting ready to write my Congress critters. The same rules ought to apply to everyone.


JPG said...

The last time I flew commercial, I was (fairly) fortunate in that I was “flying on orders,” in a law enforcement capacity. The premise was that I would need my sidearm immediately upon arrival and for prisoner transport afterward. There was a little preparation at my agency. Airline counter personnel had local law enforcement examine the papers, and I was soon in the departure lounge.

What a pleasant difference it was, the last few times I flew. A personal friend flew his aircraft to the local airport. Elder Son and I drove out onto the tarmac (no limo, just my old Ford truck) and were very courteously assisted in loading our gear- - which included several firearms. The three of us each carried our personal sidearms aboard. Through the generosity of our friend, it was a great hunt and a pleasant flight, all the sweeter because there was zero interaction with TSA.


Neutrino Cannon said...

Would it be too much to ask that this universal set of rules make sense before we go inflicting it upon everyone? I think we can agree that upwards of 90% of the work TSA does is security theater.