Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New Keyboard

I've had the old HP laptop (Pavilion zv6000) for about four years. It's been a good machine, but recently the accumulated crud and crumbs from living on the dining room table had rendered the keyboard.. crunchy. The shift key on the left side didn't work and typing on this machine was getting to be an exercise in frustration. I blew it out occasionally as well as I could, but when the shift key popped off last week, I decided it was time for some maintenance.

So, I started digging around the web and found a place that sold keyboards for HP laptops. Then I found that I could download the HP service manual for the machine.

I got home today to find a package on the doorstep, so I started supper then went out on the workbench to install the new keyboard. It was easier than I thought it would be and typing on this new keyboard is like driving a new car. It's quick and responsive.

There's nothing like a new keyboard.


J said...

I also replaced the keyboard on my laptop, a Dell. The new keyboard cost $32 in the door if memory serves. Like you experienced, it was easy to replace. In my case, the keys were so worn I couldn't read them.

Anonymous said...

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