Wednesday, April 15, 2009

BAG Day Gun

This is the first April 15th in a long time that I haven't come home with a new gun.

BAG Day, of course, was started by the inestimable Kim du Toit, who thought it a good idea that everyone take a portion of their tax refund and buy a gun. Preferably around April 15th. The irony is rich.

But, I didn't this year, for a couple of fairly good reasons.

First, and foremost, is that I don't really have the inclination. I've got my guns, a goodly collection, each with its own purpose and discrete place in my battery. I might like to add another at some point, but right now I have the guns to do what I might need to do and don't have anything that's burning a hole in my psyche.

That's not to say I'm through buying guns. Quite the contrary. I know what I'm looking for and I'm perfectly capable of acquiring another couple of pieces. I'm looking, thank you, for some special pieces that I might like to own.

For example.

I don't own a really nice example of a 12 gauge sporting shotgun. I've got what I call the goose gun in the collection and I have some 20 gauge pumps and one .410 single shot, but I don't have a vent-rib 12 gauge. That's something I intend to remedy soon, but there aren't many examples in the used gun racks that have turned my eye. It's something to look for. I'm thinking an 870.

I'd really like a nice, wood-stocked quarter bore bolt gun, either .25-06, or .257 Roberts, or even .250 Savage. I've got my eye out for any of those.

Another rifle I like, and I'm always on the look-out for, is a nice example of a Remington pump. The 760/7600 series. I think those rifles are truly underrated and my collection could always use another. Something in short action, either .243, .308, or a quarter-bore. They're scarce as hen's teeth in these parts, and I'm always on the lookout for one in the used gun rack.

One other might be the Handi-Rifle in .30-30. Don't ask me why, because I really can't explain it. I'm awash in .30-30 rifles. I think I'd like to find one and put a scope on it, then load some .30-30 ammo with pointed bullets. Something nice and light, about 130 grains, and wring it out. I think that might be a lot of fun. I'm convinced that the .30-30 Winchester is one of the premier hunting cartridges of our time and that it's neglected by a lot of hunters. I like the .30-30 a lot, but I'm limited in bullet selection when I'm using the lever-action format. I'd like to have one rifle I could experiment on, because I think that there are things that caliber can do that we haven't found yet.

Yeah, yeah, I know all about GunBroker and like sites. I browse them, but when I want to buy a gun, I want to hold it and dicker with the counterman. I buy my guns locally.

So, what'd you get?


Anonymous said...

Picked up an on sale Stoeger side by side coach gun, 12 gauge, single trigger. Just happened to see it while shopping for an Eotech for my EBL.

Rich Jordan said...

I couldn't afford one this year. But I did pick up a couple of boxes of ammo. No refunds, no fun money.

J said...

You don't have an elk or big bear rifle, do you? A 338 or 375 Ruger makes more sense than another 30-30 or a 25 when you already have a 243.

ASM826 said...

Browning Auto-5. A little old, a little worn, but a shiny 30" full choke vent rib barrel and an honest-to-JMB design.

I walked into a pawn shop this week, and it followed me home. I was helpless, unable to consider alternatives.

Rivrdog said...

A Colt Series 80 Government Model .380.

It's a work in progress I was fixing up for a retired USAF buddy, but he got tired of paying for the parts to fix it and I bought it from him.

I will retrofit it with a new recoil spring guide rod, spring plug (with a hole so as to use the full length rod) and Wolff spring. Then I will be able to load/shoot some SERIOUS 9mm Kurz, and being a JMB design gun, it will be a pleasure to shoot and carry.

stevie reno said...

Got something I always wanted ,even it doesn't have a fun switch . Thompson semi-auto