Monday, April 10, 2006

Bush's Numbers

Bush's numbers took a hit this morning, with the Washington Post recording his approval rating at 38 percent. Fox News reports his ratings have hit new lows.

Frankly, I am surprised they are that high. While I approve of his policies in the War on Terror, a lot of his appointees in DHS are boneheads. He loses me on those guys. I don't think he is doing enough to enforce existing laws on illegal immigration (Like the law forbidding it.) and he seems determined to alienate his political base on things like smaller government, local control, and smaller budgets.

In addition, he is pissing on New Orleans.

If he wants to get better numbers, he best get control of the borders. I'm not so naive that I believe we can send 12 million illegals home, but we can damn sure try to stop any others that come across, and send them packing in the most undignified manner. He's gotta get control of the immigration problem and enforcement has to be a predominate part of it.

The candidate I get behind in 2008 will make the immigration problem one large plank in a platform that stresses traditional Republican goals. It's a good thing Bush can't run again, because his record sucks on domestic issues.


j said...

>It's a good thing Bush can't run again, because his record sucks on domestic issues.

It sucks on EVERY issue. He'll go down in history as the worst president in history.

Nick said...

Um...I think Lyndon Johnson is still worse than Bush. Johnson got us into Vietnam and lied to the nation by constantly saying that we were not at war, meanwhile our young men were being killed by the thousands overseas.

Of course, leave it to the Left to forget what their own did.

My respect for Bush has fallen considerably in the last 3 years. After 9/11, he did a great job of taken control for the country. At that point, I believe he finally became a real president. However, since about 2003, he has lost his leadership, and frankly, needs to grow a new pair or find the ones he acquired right after 9/11. Regardless, he's still not the worst ever, and the Democrats giving us Kerry as an option shows they are not in touch with Independents such as myself.

j said...

Sorry, Nick, but you could walk out on any street in America and pick any adult who passed by--sober or not--and make that adult president, and we'd be better off. U.S. Grant is usually considered the worst president. He pales in comparison to GWB.

Pawpaw said...


I recall from my reading of American History that old Abe Lincoln took a lot of flak during his term as a lousy president.

He prosecuted an unpopular war, instituted a draft, appointed unpopular generals, ignored calls for peace, and suspended habeas corpus.

I'm not willing to judge GWB as sternly as you are. I'll let the judgement of time take care of that little detail.