Tuesday, April 18, 2006


I hooe I spelled that right. I can't see but about half the screen. I went to my opthamalogist this morning for an annual checkup. She gave me hell for not taking my vitamins, then in a moment of revenge, she dilated my eyes.

She's a good doc, my eye doctor. Yet she buys that dilation crap by the gallon.

I've been wearing glasses since grade school. I sucessfully fought the urge for contact lenses. Then Milady had Lasik surgery and she suddenly shed her lenses and ever since, I've been thinking about it. So, I talked to the doc about it and she put me into a contact lens. One lens in my right eye. That will correct my eye for distance viewing and my left eye will be used for close-in viewing.

THen, she handed me off to a tech, who I suspect was a good looking gal, but my eyes are dilated, so I'm not sure, who taught me to put in a contact and take out a contact. Then they sent me home. I wandered out into the brilliant Louisiana sunlight and promptly slammed my eyss shut, cause they are dilated.

I went back inside the doc store and got a pair of the giveaway wraparound eye protectors. Then walked back out to the bike. Yeah, the bike. Those damned eye protectors lasted till I got out to the highway, then blew away in a gust of wind. I went stone-totally-blind on a busy four-lane. On a motorcycle.

So there I sit, on the side of the road, eyes slammed shut, and I manage to grope my way to a Dollar Store and buy a pair of Foster Grants. I made it home without any particular problem, except that my eyes are dilated and I can't see shit.

It'll get better in a couple of hours and I can get on with my day.

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