Friday, April 28, 2006

Blemished Bullets

From time to time we come across a good deal in bullets, and blemished bullets are one of those good deals.

Sometimes the bullet manufacturers close out a particular bullet, or a run of bullets isn't quite up to specs, or a contract was cancelled and they find themselves overstock. They sell those bullets to jobbers at a discount, with the caveat that the manufacturer not be identified.

Lock Stock and Barrel has a blemished bullet sale going on. I decided to stock up while the stock was available. I wanted some .308 180 grain bullets and some .243 100 grain bullets. I tried clicking on their link and found that the .308 bullets were out of stock, so I called the 1-800 number and talked to a wonderful sales rep who told me that the .30 caliber bullets were sold out. I asked about the .243 bullets and she told me that they had about 30,000 of those. So, I ordered 500 of them. They come come in the door at about 9 cents each, with shipping, which is considerable less expensive than buying them at 13 cents to 15 cents apiece. 500 bullets in that caliber should last me a while.

The nice lady at Lock, Stock and Barrel did promise me that they would update the webpage. I asked if they were anticipating getting any more blem bullets in the near future. She told me that those contracts are let on a bid basis and they never know in advance when blem bullets become available or if they will win the bid when it becomes available. She told me to keep checking back, but most of the time, when the bullets are gone, they are gone forever.

Still, it is a good deal if you can find it. Lock, Stock and Barrel has treated me right with past purchases. They seem to be a good business to work with. Tell 'em Pawpaw sent you.

If anyone else knows of available blemished bullets for sale, let me know in comments or by email. I'm always looking for a bargain.

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