Thursday, April 06, 2006


We're busy (10-6) today.

A prisoner escaped from a Federal Penitentary near Pollock, LA, and the escapee has been seen in our jurisdiction.
McNair, 47, was serving a life sentence for murder, criminal attempt and burglary at the penitentiary. He escaped on Wednesday by hiding in a warehouse at the prison complex and then riding out in a mail vehicle.
We want him back behind bars. We want him bad.

The problem with a highly publicized manhunt is that every little blue-haired lady with a front window gets out her binoculars and puts the Sheriff's Office on speed-dial. Every poor dumb sombitch that walks down the road is a "suspicious person" and they call it in. SO, we spend a good portion of our time checking out suspictious persons that happen to be walking their dog, or checking on cattle, or any other law-abiding activity.

We normally answer calls like this, but when everyone is calling in reports, it gets a little hectic.

The guy had better enjoy his little burst of freedom. All the agencies in this area are looking for him. The article linked above has a good picture. If he stays in this area long, we'll catch him.

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Nick said...

Considering he is already a convicted murder who has decided to escape and disregard the fact that he is supposed to be serving punishment for his horrendous act of terrorism against an innocent person, I say they take him out on site once located.